eva broekema

Born in '77  in Groningen and currently based in Arnhem.

I graduated in fashion at the Art Academy Minerva | Groningen in 1999. After an internship at fashion magazine Elle I decided to study for a master degree in Photography at the Art Academy Sint Joost | Breda. Followed by a study at the school of Photography | Apeldoorn.

For 6 years I worked as a fashion designer for several companies. Traveling, shopping trips around Europe, production trips to China, always my camera by my side. In 2009 the urge to commit to photography full-time won it over the 'safe haven' of steady jobs.

My background as a designer is inseparable from my work, this results in a strong visual language. I can create an original and creative concept, custom made for the client. I shoot in a enthusiastic and personal way; dancing, jumping and lying behind my lens I capture people and locations. It's important to me to photograph pure emotions, without being a disturbing factor. I want to show what moves me and see the aesthetics in the non-obvious things.

Everyday I come across visual surprises, fascinating people and beautiful things that inspire me and make me enjoy life. As you can see in my work, I have a lot of different interests. Therefore I am open to various types of commissions.

Feel free to contact me anytime!