Eva Broekema

Eva Broekema works as an all-round photographer and is based in Arnhem.

Eva shoots in an enthusiastic and personal way; dancing and jumping behind her lens she captures and creates beautiful moments! She likes to become part of the situation, therefore her presence feels more like a friend than as the ‘scary photographer’. Eva loves to show the beauty of our world and sees the aesthetics in the non-obvious things. It’s important for her to photograph pure emotions and touch people in a positive way.

Eva Broekema (Delfzijl, 1977) graduated in fashion design at the Art Academy Minerva in Groningen. After her internship at fashion magazine Elle, she decided to study for a master’s degree in photography at the Art Academy St. Joost in Breda, followed by a study at the Fotovakschool in Apeldoorn.
For six years she worked for several companies as a fashion designer. Traveling, shopping and production trips around the world, always her camera by her side. In 2009 the urge to commit to photography full-time won it over the ‘safe haven’ of steady jobs.

Eva’s background as a fashion designer is inseparable from her work, it makes her style distinctive and it has a strong visual language. Fashion photography is therefore one of her biggest passions.

Besides photography for clients Eva also creates autonomous work. She showed her first exhibition at Moba 2011 in cafe Verheijden, her second exhibitions were during Moba 2013 at Dudok and de Heeren van Aemstel. Her third exhibition was displaid in the City Theater of Arnhem end of 2016.

“Everyday I come across visual surprises, fascinating people and beautiful things that inspire me and make me enjoy life.”

As you can see in her work, Eva has a lot of interests and works for various clients. She loves the diversity of working in a dynamic as well as in a focused way; therefore, she is open to different types of commissions. She is happy to brainstorm with you and wants to help to make a concrete plan of your wishes and ideas!

Feel free to contact her anytime!